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On a Sunday by MJF

A Sunday at St. Ed’s   Today I went to Mass with Mom.  It was an 11:00 Mass, but she was already there at 10:30—up in the “wheelchair section” saving a folding chair beside her for me.  Okay—so I’m sitting

On Sparrows.. by MJF

On Sparrows… by MJF  July 17—From my reading in Kathleen Norris’ The Cloister Walk:  “None of us can understand what possible use we are in this world; it’s one of the deeper mysteries.” July 21–I pull onto the expressway on

Weekly Wellness Practice for the week of 10/13/2014 – Exercise While Watching TV

Most people watch TV at some during the day.  What a great time to exercise.  You’ve decided to be in one place for a given amount of time.  This is simple ‘dual-tasking’.  Here’s a way to get started: http://www.pinterest.com/elmogirl7/exercises-during-commercials/ What